How cut Iberian ham

It is important knowing how to cook Iberian ham, but it is also important knowing how cut Iberian ham to get thin slices. It is useless to spend a large amount of money on an Iberian ham, if you will not take advantage of it in the best way for not knowing how to cut it or what utensil should you use to do it.

cómo cortar jamón
In this post, we bring you the most common mistakes when cutting a ham so that you try to avoid them and not miss anything.

Use the appropriate knife

Undoubtedly, the main mistake made is not to use the appropriate knife to cut a ham. Not every knife can be used for this, in fact, you have to have 3 types of knives. All of them must be sharp. The first is a broad-blade knife, which is also known as a ham knife. Another of the knives is used to peel the leg. The last one must have a pointed shape to be able to detach the meat from the bone without any problem or difficulty.
Experts also recommend having a steel glove on hand. Since the knives must be sharp, we can avoid cutting ourselves. The glove should be placed on the hand that is not holding the knife.

Cuchillo jamonero

Start cutting on the right side

Depending on the time we plan to enjoy our ham, we will have to start cutting on one side or the other. On one hand, if we are going to consume it in a short time. For example, if we buy an Iberian ham to enjoy with the family during Christmas, we must start cutting it for the widest part of the ham. This part is the juiciest of the ham leg. This means that you will have to start at the top, placing the ham with the hoof facing up.
On the other hand, we want to enjoy the ham for a longer time, we must start cutting it on the opposite side. That is, you will have to start at the bottom. Place the hoof facing down because this way we prevent it from drying out.

Pata hacia abajo Pata hacia arriba

Do not remove fat

As we know, ham is a food full of protein. But it also contains healthy fats present in marbling. Many people are afraid of this part because they think they will get too fat. However, the truth is that it is beneficial for our body and it can also help preserve the ham. The trick so that the ham does not dry is to place a piece of this fat in the place where the cut is.
Nevertheless, it is also true that the ham has another type of yellowish fat. You should avoid eating it as much as using to cover the cut.

Keep the ham at the right temperature

The ham should be at an ambient temperature, between 15º and 17º. You should never store it in the fridge or leave it exposed to too high temperatures. It could dry out early or lose its natural flavor.

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