Difference between Iberian ham and Serrano ham

The Iberian ham and the Serrano one are not the same type of Spanish cured ham. The aim of this post is to let you know the difference between Iberian ham and Serrano ham.

Iberian ham

Iberian ham comes from the Iberian pig which is a breed unique from Spain. To consider that one cured ham is an Iberian ham, the origin of the pig must be Iberian in a 50 %. The higher the percentage is, the higher quality has the cured ham.
Moreover, one of the main characteristics of this kind of pigs is that they grow free in meadows.
Depending on the diet, there are different types of Iberian ham:

  • Fodder-fed Iberian ham: In this case there are two different types. The first one is the Iberian pig that eats cereals and fodder and that raises in a feeding place. The second one is the pig that eats natural fodder and that raises in the meadows.
  • Fodder and acorn-fed Iberian ham: this kind of pig is fed with both, fodder and acorn.
  • Acorn-fed Iberian ham: this is the top-quality one and the Iberian pig is fed with acorn.

Serrano ham

The main difference between the Iberian ham and the Serrano ham is their origin. The skin of the Serrano pig is whiter than the Iberian one and it isn’t come necessarily from Spain. Serrano pigs are fed with cereals and legumes.
The color of the Iberian ham is more intense, and its flavor is saltier than the Serrano one. Nevertheless, both are great options to enjoy with some friends. And you, which one do you prefer?

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