The Jabugo Iberian ham

All our products are considerate first-class products and they have the guarantee from “Alimentos del Sur” (our company).

“Alimentos del Sur” produces,in our country their own oils, wines and Iberian hams and they enjoy great prestige worldwide. “Alimentos del Sur” supplies national and international markets with high-quality food. We have a great amount of products and beverages with quality seals, Designation of Origin or Protected Geographical Indications, such as the Rioja wine, Ribera del Duero wines, Huelva ham, Bailen oil, Alcarria honey and many others, which all of them together reinforce,if possible, the high safety food standards that our consumers in Spain continuously enjoy.
Huelva ham: it is a Protected Designation of Origin product, well-known for its unique flavor made in the Sierra de Huelva (Andalusian mountains) where they enjoy unique microclimate conditions. Proceeding from Iberian pigs, the Huelva hogs are reared freely in the pasture and they are fed during montanera(pigs fattening) exclusively on acorns and natural grazing. ‬

This is the case of our wines, Iberian ham or the virgin olive oil.

Olive oil: Spanish olive groves

Spain produce around 1.5 million hectoliters per year and the total exported amount of 2,000 million euros.

The olive oil is a variety of oil used mainly for culinary uses and itis very beneficial for our health, but it is also used for many more things, such as cream for the skin care, for medicinal and religious uses or as oil lamps.
It is extracted from the olive fruit and almost one-third of the olive pulp is oil and, for that reason, since the ancient times, it has been easily removed with a simple pressure exerted by mills.
In Spain, the facilities where it is obtained the oil are called oil mills.
The olive oil is the fundamental and most characteristic ingredient in the Mediterranean diet, but it is also an ingredient that benefits, in a very significant way, the human body.
Intake olive oil through the diet causes a lowering effect on the level of blood cholesterol and provides a high content of vitamins.
The olive oil is mainly composed of oleic acid, which represents the 75% of the total, but it is also rich in vitamin E, beta-carotene and other antioxidants.
The virgin olive oil is the only oil that can be obtained by physical procedures: it is the juice of the olive. It helps prevent, among others, from diabetes, breast cancer, colon cancer and cardiovascular diseases.

Wines in Spain. Experiences to enjoy

If we speak about wines in Spain, we can say that Spain has nearly 1.5 million hectares of vineyards, making this country, the one with the largest area of ​​vineyards in the world with more than the 15% of the world’s total.
There is a great variety of native grapes in the Iberian Peninsula, although approximately the 80% is processed with only 20 varieties. For example, Tempranillo or Albariño.
Internationally speaking,some of the most popular areas are La Rioja or the Ribera del Duero; Jerez is also known for its wines;RiasBaixas, for its Albariñowhite wines or Penedesfor the production of cava (sparkling white wine).
Numerous scientific studies support the benefits of taking wine in moderation.
Over the years, numerous scientific studies have proven the benefits of the regular consumption of certain foods, capable of making us lose weight, help your heart stay healthy and reduce the risk of certain cancers. However, just a few of these products can accumulate as many positive qualities as red wine.It is an ally against fat and reduces the risk of cancer. It is also an ally of the heart and the prostate care. In conclusion, it is a pleasant complement to our diet and a healthy habit too.
These and many other beneficial qualities for our health are scientifically proven and that, certainly constitutes an excuse to take a good red wine with Spanish Designation of Origin.




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